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Chewy, sweet, and nutritious. Vitamin gummies were a couple’s attempt to get their child to take their essential micronutrients. The idea quickly caught on, and manufacturing vitamin gummies soon grew into a whole new industry.

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A menu of 13 micronutrients for vitamin gummies manufacturing

Vitamins are only one of the raw materials that make these unique gummies. There are 13 essential vitamins ranging from Folic Acid to Vitamin C. The nutrients you choose are extracted from biological sources and purified.

Mix the powdered vitamins with gelatin and cook the blend in a preheated kettle. The additives in the recipe, such as sweeteners, colorants, and flavorings, are now ready to be blended in. Once the ingredients combine, cool the mixture down.

Build the candy around a frame of gelatin

Gelatin plays the leading role in vitamin gummies manufacturing. As it heats up in the industrial cooker, the cells of the substance bind together into a matrix. This structure forms the flexible scaffold that gives gummies their chewy consistency.

Gelatin has neither taste nor odor, providing a blank canvas for producers to manipulate the flavor and sweetness level. The substance is naturally off-white, so colorants are added to alter its appearance. The most popular dyes include Red #40, Blue #1, Yellow #5, and Yellow #6.

Reduce water content from the gummies with a bed of starch

After cooling down the base mixture, transfer it to the starch molding machine. The technology gives turns the compounded slurry into individual gummy drops.

A layer of starch separates the viscous blend and keeps it from sticking to the mold trays. It also contains the candies during the setting phase while still fluid. Finally, the carbohydrate absorbs moisture from the mixture to give the gummies their texture.

Add springiness to the gummies with calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate is an alternative additive in the formulation of vitamin gummies. Because of its low rate of water solubility, the mineral does not dissolve and remains suspended in the gelatin mixture.

The additive reduces firmness in the recipe and considerably increases the final product’s springiness. However, calcium carbonate also masks the overall smell and taste of the gummies.

Processing steps involved in vitamin-gummies making

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