High-speed flow pack wrapping machine for hard candy and jellies

For some high-quality candy which require individual wrapping, a traditional twist wrap is inappropriate and a completely sealed individual wrap solution is required. Flow wrapping machines suitable for candies and jellies are often slow and inflexible. A modular system, designed specifically for high-speed flow pack wrapping of these products, can provide the highest speeds alongside bespoke assemblies to suit your exact needs.

Modular flow wrapper for candies and jellies with options to meet your exact requirements

The FPH5 High-Speed Flow Wrapper from Theegarten Pactec is a high-performance wrapper that features flexible designs of the different assembly groups. This allows it to be tailor-made to your exact needs.

The FPH5 has been designed for the most demanding lines, and it can flow pack up to 2,000 pieces per minute.

The machine features a fully-flexible feeding plate drive to accommodate different multi-packs and product sizes. There is also an automatic splicer with optional print registration to allow wrapping refills without stopping the machine.

Suitable for hot or cold sealing materials, the FPH5 features a 2- or 3-stage longitudinal sealing device to suit your requirements.

To ensure product quality, the FPH5 is fitted with an automatic ejecting device for faulty pouches, as well as a suction device for rejecting empty packs. Perfect items can then be discharged via gravity chute or conveyor with a separate drive.

Other options include manual or pneumatic web tracking control, date coding, tear tape, and label dispenser to suit your requirements.


  • Modular design means tailor-made features and easy expandability and upgrades
  • High-speed operation, up to 2,000 pieces per minute
  • Simple control via touchscreen, one operator can manage several machines
  • Excellent accessibility means reduced downtime for maintenance and cleaning
  • Automatic film splicer with print registration for truly continuous operation