High speed carton closing machine

Choosing a carton closing machine becomes a significant consideration when the closing of a carton requires gentle product handling, flexibility in dealing with all board types, and different flap closing configuration. A fitting carton closing machine needs to include various closing styles to tailor to the producers’ product handling requirements, specific speed, or product type. Like for example the option to choose between a straight-line or right-angle units to close cartons.

A cartoning solution that handles one, two, or three flap closing configuration

The High Speed Carton Closing Machine CLM by Viking Masek, is a family of closing machines offering straight-line or right-angle units to close one-, two- or three-flap cartons. It provides plant layout flexibility and capacity to match the required customers speed through its different styles of CLM machines. Key feature parameters offer a maximum speed of 200 bags/min and the capability to handle maximum and minimum dimensions of 300 x 300 x 100 mm (W x L x H) and 50 x 100 x 25 mm, respectively.

The one, two, or three flaps carton closing machine can handle all types of boards and has a turning mechanism that provides gentle handling of the cartons and the products inside. The CLM carton closers can close the carton using lock-style, hot melt, or hot air system. The closing mechanism produces well-formed, square and unblemished cartons that are secure and strong enough to handle shipping yet also suitable for shelf or freezer display. The straightforward format change-over allows for easy carton changes and adjustment.


  • Adaptable to a range of product characteristics such as those that require one, two, or three flaps.
  • Process up to 200 cartons per minute
  • Extreme folding accuracy.
  • Ability to reject misshapen or damaged cartons.