Temperature-treatment mixer for bakery & gastronomy

The production of creams, sauces, ragouts, ready-to-bake, and similar products require combinations of mixing, heating and cooling, necessitating several pieces of equipment. By combining temperature treatments and mixing processes in one machine, cost can be reduced and efficiency increased, all while maintaining excellent product quality.

Combined mixing and thermal treatment system for a wide range of products

Tonelli has used it’s well-known industry experience to bring together cutting-edge mixing and thermal treatment processes in one unit – the Tonelli CombiTherMix.

The CombiTherMix features a centrifugal homogenizer that offers 3 different types of rotating impeller, allowing you to achieve the optimal results for your product.

Integral scrapers and interchangeable mixing tools make this a fully flexible machine able to handle recipes from delicate sauces to hearty ragouts, or robust pâtés.

The CombiTherMix features a host of cooking options including saturated steam, food-grade steam injection, and hard vacuum treatments. For cooling and freezing it has the facility to use pumped iced water or liquid nitrogen. All are available in the same single unit, saving you money over having multiple production equipment.

Featuring an aseptic discharge valve for hygiene, the CombiTherMix is constructed of stainless steel for easy cleaning and hygienic practice.


  • Homogenize, mix, heat and cool all in one unit, increasing efficiency and saving money
  • Interchangeable mixing tools allow for quick and easy product changeover
  • Steam cooking (including food-grade injection) and hard vacuum for rapid cooking and flavour preservation
  • Liquid nitrogen or chilled water for rapid and controlled cooling
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance minimises downtime