Continuous vertical bagger

Want a machine to pack unique bag styles such as quad-seal and Doy-pack bags at incredible speeds; this is the machine for you.

Ultra-fast continuous motion bagger for unique bag styles

The VikingMašek Continuous Vertical bagger (Sigma 250, Sigma 400) is a fast bagging machine used to pack unique and different bag styles at high speed. The fast-action linear magnetic drives boast over 200 to 220 bags per minute depending on the machine series. With bag dimensions of up to 300 mm to 400 mm wide by unlimited length, plus a host of bag styles like Quad seals and Doypacks at incredible high speeds, the SIGMA is flexible, functional and high-tech machine.


  • High speed
  • Can pack up to 200-220 bags per minute
  • Can pack unique bag styles
  • Continuous motion