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Long was the time when you could only make dragée chocolate – or, to simplify it, to cover chocolate with a layer of chocolate or sugar and then polish it or not. Now, you can use a chocolate panning machine to offer different types of dragée items. Mind that the process of panning may slightly differ according to the product you are making.

Which dragee products equipment do you need?

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Compact enrober

Cost-effective enrober for medium productions.

Compact cylindrical roaster for beans, nibs and nuts

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Longitudinal chocolate conche

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Chocolate tempering and enrobing machine

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Ultrasonic spraying system for medium and large scale coating

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Big bag filling machine

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Carrying on the dragée production

To produce dragées, you can use a chocolate panning machine to apply an even layer of chocolate or sugar in all parts of the chosen product. It may be an almond, a slice of fruit or any type of nut. Chocolate panning machines have a rotating system to guarantee that all parts of the product receive the same amount of coverture. It also prevents ingredient concentration in the bottom of the pan. The pan rotates clockwise and anticlockwise and you can remove it for easy cleaning.

Chocolate thickness around the product depends on how many times you apply the coverture. The process needs to happen little by little, and you need to make sure the coat is already dry before putting more coverture. Blowing pipes usually help with this task. You can use the same chocolate panning machine for polishing, once you clean what was left of the coverture from the pan.

Should you pick up a panning or an enrobing machine?

Note that a chocolate panning machine covers all your products with the same amount of coverture. If you want to partially cover them, choose an enrober. It applies powder or liquid ingredients on the whole surface or only in part of it.

The process of making dragées differs for each type of product that you will cover, due to their shape and density. Products like cashew nuts, for instance, require multiple coatings to cover all their concavities. In this process, waste is an issue you may encounter when panning products. To help you with that, find equipment to which your chosen ingredients will not stick.

Shiny or opaque: putting the finishing touch to the dragée

A chocolate panning machine may require manual loading of products and coverture application. Some pieces of equipment automatically apply coverture using a spray pipe. Small batches help to do trial productions before going large scale. They are also an option for independent confiseries.

Your dragée products may have either a shiny or a dusted look. To make them glow, certain options are available. You can polish them with shellac, a common food-safe ingredient that extends the shelf life of the product, or with Arabic gum. You can also opt for other types of polishers, water-based and/or vegan, that have increased in the past years. For a dusted aspect, try pouring cocoa powder or sugar.

Processing steps involved in dragee making

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