Big bag filling machine

Active pharmaceutical ingredients demand high handling standards to prevent cross-contamination. Moreover, the processing of materials creates risks to occupational safety and health, especially where highly potent APIs are involved. But, while formulas may be kept separate during processing, loading them into different bagging machines leads to production inefficiencies.

Modular big bag filling equipment for powdered process bulk materials

Big Bag Filling station from Dec Group is a universal solution for the direct filling of big bags .  The station integrates into other process equipment like mixers or driers with gravity-assisted filling. In cases where headroom is limited, the station can be modeled for remote-filling instead. Here,  powder transfer technology moves the materials through a valve system for correct dosing.

The holding frame is either painted steel or stainless steel and has a big bag loop holder with a fast-release mechanism. The Big Bag Filling station includes a range of other solutions, including sieving, milling, metal detection and separation, sampling, weighing, and precise dispensing. The equipment uses a standard pallet jack for easy installation of pallets.


  • Modular design
  • Adaptable to multiple big bag and drum types
  • Discharge of multiple products from a single station
  • Safe handling of both non-potent and highly active materials
  • Multiple levels of containment