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The coffee break has become a more refined affair with the widespread use of coffee pod machines. In less than 30 seconds, single-serve coffee makers can prepare your favorite brew to perfection. The table-top appliance takes pride of place in the office kitchenette, but the heart of these popular machines is the disposable coffee capsule.

Which coffee capsules equipment do you need?

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Coffee capsule fillers can handle any pod

The surge in coffee capsule popularity has been accompanied by concerns over new waste streams. The good news is that your coffee brand can go for capsule types that anticipate possible frameworks regulating disposal management.

Whatever the material and design of the capsule you are using, filling lines are perfectly capable of packing in the blend that makes your coffee stand out.

Engineering the perfect coffee capsule

Made from plastic, aluminum or biodegradables, the monodose capsules usually hold between 9 and 11 grams of ground coffee. The exact formula is what differentiates your range from other coffee labels.

Branded pods usually have a proprietary design that matches their coffee machines. In every case, however, your capsule must be constructed in a way to retain its rigidity and shape when subjected to high temperatures and steam pressure.

A dash of nitrogen with your coffee

Convenience is just one advantage of your coffee capsule solution. The other one is freshness. Delivering a consistent aroma, texture, and body, day after day, means that your ground coffee must be protected from oxidation.

After filling your cups with coffee and compacting the mix, coffee capsule equipment flushes it with nitrogen, a non-toxic, inert gas. The procedure casts out any oxygen from the pod and preserves your contents for up to a year.

Processing steps involved in coffee-capsules making

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