Form fill seal thermoforming machine

As the name suggests, a Form Fill Seal machine is one that forms, fills, and seals a package at the same time. Most FFS systems are incredibly complex and feature control networks and computer interfaces. Therefore, finding a machine that’s versatile enough for the fast changeovers between different packaging formats in the food industry is a bit difficult.

Consistent performance and high-efficiency to increase production capacity

Engineered with state-of-the-art innovative features, the different models of Colimatic’s Thera feature different production capacities and can produce 6 cycles/minute up to 35 cycles/minute. They are ideal for a wide range of aspects, including hygiene, capacity, package size, and are suitable for flexible, rigid, and semi-rigid packaging applications.

With a unique sealing chamber design, seal plate changeover does not require any adjustments or reassembly of wiring and electrical components. Thera also offers numerous language options and boasts a programmable, digital touch screen on the side of the electrical cabinet. The model provides several different sealing options, including top seal, skin technology, shrink, map, vacuum, and easy peel.

Lastly, this model meets all sanitization requirements set by the medical and food industries, while its stainless steel structure prevents rust, thus ensuring durability and reliability.


  • Innovative design prevents the build-up of contamination residue
  • Inclined surfaces allow quick water drainage during cleaning
  • Programmable touch screen displays alarm messages and working stages
  • Replacement parts are affordable and easily available