Leak tester for vacuum packaging   

Roasted coffee beans, as well as grounded coffee, rapidly diminish in flavor. The oxygen that comes in contact with coffee will very quickly oxidize the ground coffee. Vacuum packaging solves this problem, but every coffee producer knows that leaks in packaging are a serious matter that should be prevented. Finding even the smallest leaks is key for vacuum-packed coffee.

Testing for leaks directly after packaging checking residual pressure

Vacuum Leak Tester by Oxipack is designed to test samples of packaging immediately after packaging, for all kinds of vacuum and can packings. The pressure gauge, a pressure meter, checks the residual pressure to make sure the vacuuming bell jars in the production line are working accurately. It can do so for products that contain a small amount of air or inert gas in the packaging of various sizes because the pressure gauge has interchangeable blocks.

Not having to wait 24 or more hours after packaging as is sometimes the case with leak detection, is an advantage when working with products like yeast and coffee that very quickly diminish in flavor. This reduces the need for storage. Tested products remain intact, diminishing product and packaging waste and customer complaints. A pressure difference of 700 mbar is created within thirty seconds and detects leaks as small as 10 µm.


  • One device for a variety of packaging dimensions
  • Non-destructive
  • Measuring chamber and membrane made to fit the packaging
  • Simple operation
  • Tailored models where the pressure meter is calibrated as desired