Coffee capsule packing machine

In the secondary packaging sector, being able to handle different type of capsules and tailor them according to customer needs, is an important element when it comes to the most popular beverage: coffee. To be competitive in this huge market, you need a packaging machine that saves space and money, reduces operating time, is easy to use and can handle different formats.

Modular top-load machine for forming and filling cartons

The TLCM series designed by Senzani can handle different types of coffee capsules with a production speed up to 60 cartons from flat blank and 600 capsules per minute. Being modular, this machine can adapt to pack several capsules configurations and different materials (such as aluminium, compostable and plastic).

TLCM is a Senzani top-load solution to insert a batch of capsules into a carton starting from a flat blank. The monoblock machine is a form and fill machine, in which cartons are picked with articulated arm and shaped. After shaping, cartons are filled from above with the capsules through a pick and place filling system, designed to handle the capsules very careful to avoid any damage, even at very high speed.

The machine is easy to use, so that a single operator can easily manage the operation saving both cost and time. An additional benefit can be found in the compact size of the machine, this will save space. Format change operations and other adjustments are made quick and easy thanks to technology that can be operated without the help of tools. A tutorial to guide the operator step by step is also available, in order to avoid errors and speed up the operation.


  • Possibility to pack several types of capsules [Nespresso, A modo mio, K-cup, Caffitaly]
  • A wide range of capsules configurations
  • Possibility to print on all 6 surfaces of the box, included the closing side
  • User friendliness for a single operator