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Microtablets range between 1 and 4 millimeters, making the dosage form an excellent delivery system in polypharmacy. The size of the products makes them easier pills to swallow, but microtablets production brings a unique set of complexities.

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Align the punches in multi-tip tooling technology with precision

The millimetric dimensions of microtablets make compression force harder to control than for larger-sized tablets.

Adopting multi-tip tooling in your microtablets production process multiplies overall compression power by the number of tips in the equipment. While this technique distributes the weight in microtablets more evenly, misalignment between the upper and lower punch results in faulty compression.

Extend the coating process in microtablets production

The reduced diameter of microtablets gives them a larger surface area relative to regular-sized tablets. This physical property increases the speed of drug release once ingested and decreases the diffusion rate of the active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Microtablets designed for delayed release require an extended coating process. Spray coating using a fluidized bed system achieves uniform coats, but a high spray rate can develop cracks down the line if temperatures are too low for adherence.

Set your friability limit to 1% of body weight in minitablet production

The friability threshold of microtablets must not exceed a reduction of 1% in the total weight of the tablets.

Select a dusted sample with a total body weight of 6.5 g a place it into a rotating drum. After the rotating cycle is completed, dust the microtablets again and measure the weight. Check the products for chips or cracks.

Processing steps involved in microtablets making

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