Clinical trial lab sealer for a laminar airflow bench

When running small production for clinical trials, stability studies or creating samples, it is important to have a compact and high-performance solution. A compact lab sealer that makes high quality sealed blisters, is vital to have for pharmaceutical research and development laboratories.

Quick heat sealing for small batches

The semi-automatic Labsealer by Tommy Nielsen minimises floor space as it is a very compact machine that is used for small batches production. The Labsealer can easily fit into laminar flow cabinet or onto your desk. It is perfect to use on small IOL products like lenses.

The machine is handled by an operator that slide the tray with a x inch blister depth in one of the two shuttle seal stations. Once the shuttle enters the machine, it starts the sealing process by clamping down the product. Within seconds, the sealing is finished and the operator can take out the sealed tray.


  • Compact size
  • High performance
  • Good fit for small batches