Particle analysation monitor

Products like granules, tablets and capsules require inspection at numerous steps in the production and packaging process. Since all pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers have to follow standard quality specifications, automatic visual inspection, measurements, real time reports, statistical data and control are crucial at various stages of production and packaging.

Visual inspection and measurement of pellets, granules and mini tablets

Patvis APA by Sensum visualizes, measures and diagnoses quality of various particles, such as pellets, granules, and mini tablets in real-time when mounted on the process equipment. It consists of a high-resolution camera which performs non-destructive acquisition of live images. These images can be saved for later analysis and research purposes or are analysed in real-time, where the image analysis software programs ensure accurate measurements of particles. Furthermore, it is programmed to monitor and control the quality of particles in accordance with FDA and GAMP. It can detect variations in size, shape and extent of agglomeration during pellet coating, granulation and pelletisation processes. With its graphical user interface various statistical reports can be obtained during and after the process.


  • Production with immediate feedback by timely detection of variations
  • Continuous generation of process reports and statistical data
  • Ease of installation in a wide range of processes
  • Provision of real time data analysis with no need of calibrations

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