Semi-automatic forming and sealing blister machine

As a manufacturer of medical device, the packaging is a critical factor in preventing the product from damage. Conducting forming and sealing of blisters in the same tool and in the same work cycle, decreases the chances of product contamination as well as saves time.

Forming and sealing blister packaging in the same cycle

The Universal by Tommy Nielsen is a semi-automatic blister packaging machine that can form and seal the blister in the same cycle. It is suitable for consumer products, medical device, hardware pieces, stationery products, and pharmaceutical products like syringes, tablets, and capsules etc.

Plastic film, PVC, PETG, or APET cut or punched to size are placed into the combined forming/sealing tool. The blister is thermos formed in mold, the product placed into the blister and then sealed together with the lid (TYVEK, Sterile paper, cardboard, aluminum or plastic) – all in the same cycle.

Depending on the model, the machine can handle packaging sizes up to 1.500mm. With the Universal 301-FS, the 301-FSX and the larger Universal 501-FS and 501-FSX it is possible to obtain a high level of flexibility. The machines are suitable for packaging jobs varying from a few packings up to 500.000 pcs./year based on 1600 hours. Normally you can form/seal 300-600 pcs. per hour – some times more. It all depends on the size, the complexity and the number of items per blister.


  • No preformed blisters needed
  • A two-in-one solution for forming and sealing
  • Same production capacity as with preformed blisters