Industrial blister packaging machine

High-volume, fully-automated blister packaging is the perfect choice for large scale pharmaceutical production thanks to its airtight seal, attractive finish for consumer doses, and the protective nature of the packaging. For full-scale continuous production to run at best efficiency, a high speed and high-precision blister unit that can meet your throughput is vital.

High-volume blister packaging machine for pharmaceuticals

The TF320 blister packaging machine from FamarTec is the perfect solution for higher-volume production lines, as it can produce up to 600 blisters per minute. It has been designed for maximum efficiency and return on investment, and can work a single, double, or triple row of blisters for top performance and minimum wastage.

Despite the high performance, the TF320 has been designed to be as compact as possible, with the flexibility to integrate into any production environment, as it can be supplied with an output belt that either runs inline, or exits at 90 degrees (front or rear). Its footprint is only 4100mm x 1790mm x 1870mm.

TF320 is designed and built in accordance to full GMP standards, and utilises balcony construction. As well as allowing simple access for maintenance or cleaning, this also allows a complete separation between the pharmaceutical and mechanical area. The feeding zone has been specially designed to improve hygiene and reduce cross-contamination. Accident-prevention systems keep operators safe, shutting down operation if any access door is opened.

This machine offers a full range of additional units that can be specified, including vibrating pre-feed hopper, universal or dedicated auto feed, checking for micro holes in forming aluminium, visual conformity inspection camera, auto-rejection system, cross-punching of blister packs, and code/batch number printing using various methods. The TF320 comes with remote online support as standard. Engineers can diagnose issues without attending site, reducing any downtime associated with breakdowns.


  • Ideal for high-volume production up to 600 blisters per minute
  • Full range of options to meet your exact production requirements
  • All-servo motor machine functions for increased reliability and ease of setup
  • Intuitive operator interface and ASEM industrial PC
  • Remote support feature allows immediate online support, reducing downtime