A check weigher that is equipped with high speed/high accuracy force balance load cell. It meets stringent accuracy and reliability standards in industrial and pharmaceutical products.

Checkweigher that helps you reduce unnecessary rejects

The SSV-h series of Anritsu are ideally suited for checking the weight of pharmaceutical and industrial products . Equipped with a high speed and high accurate force balance, every product is measured precisely to ensure each package has the required amount of product in it. This line of weighing systems meets the varying needs of the operators, quality control managers/site supervisors and corporate managers.

It is equipped with SMF (Smart Measurement Function), the high accuracy SSV-h series integrates innovative signal processing along with improved scale resolution to reduce unnecessary rejects to maximize line productivity.


  • It has control panel exterior of stainless steel
  • Conveyor is both waterproof and non-water proof
  • High speed and high accuracy force balance
  • Possess metal detector