Agitator bead mill for API

To achieve precisely defined API properties and safe and reproducible production, rigorous implementation of hygienic and sterile automated processes is a must.

Refines wet milling with clean and sterile technology

The DYNO®-MILL MULTI LAB CIP/SIP from WAB-GROUP® is a specially designed agitator wet mill for sterile research and development, pilot, and production operations in the pharma industry. It can process low to high-viscous products with batch sizes starting from 500 ml. What is more, it comes with easily interchangeable grinding chambers from 0.3 l to 1.4 l. It can accommodate both, WAB KD agitator discs as well as the DYNO®-ACCELERATOR. The use of agitating small beads in wet milling efficiently grinds suspended particles to the low micrometer or even nanometer range, maintaining a narrow particle size distribution.

Cleaning in Place (CIP) ensures there is no direct contact between the plant operator and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Steam sterilization up to 135°C ensures plant sterility, guaranteeing a germ-free production of tablets, capsules, injectables, and vaccines.


  • SIP ensures a completely sterile and germ-free production plant
  • Dust-free, closed system protects operator and equipment safety
  • Liquid phase processing leads to minimal loss of product