Fluidized bed system for the granulation and drying of pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical industries employ several processes including drying, coating and granulation to create high-quality granules. Manufacturers can benefit from a single system that can complete all of these tasks simultaneously, increasing production yield without sacrificing the quality of the final product.

Coating, granulation, and drying granules by tangential fluid bed method

The Fluidized Bed System BFS from Bohle, is a system that can perform multiple processes such as coating, granulation, and drying to turn fine solids and dry powders into granules. The cone is equipped with a specially slotted air distributor plate which allows complete fluidization of particles while the tangential motion helps in achieving a uniform coating without the particles adhering to one another. Due to a relatively low fluidization height, the system does not require a high-volume expansion saving costs and production floor space.

The system can also be equipped with an online moisture measurement system using NIR technology to precisely identify moisture levels during the granulation and drying. The BFS has at least 6 filter elements that can be cleaned separately and ensure good uninterrupted airflow. To make it simple to use, the entire system is PLC controlled.


  • Complete fluidization and even coating of particles
  • Pressure shock resistance of up to 12 bar, optimum for containment application
  • Capacity range of 1 to 500 kg
  • Efficient space utilization due to low installation height
  • Can be equipped with a moisture measurement system to determine moisture level during the drying process

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