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Pistachio nuts offer several health benefits and are very nutritious. The most common way they are enjoyed is when they are roasted or eaten raw. Generally, pistachios are harvested when the shell splits. They are mechanically shaken and caught in a tarp. Furthermore, you can hull and dry them properly before roasting. To achieve all of this, you will need special pistachio processing equipment

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Roasting with pistachio processing machine

Pistachios are more delicious when roasted. When you roast the nuts, they produce more fragrance and full flavours. You can make both sweetened and salted pistachio nuts using pistachio machines like the batch roaster and the single belt roaster.

If you are roasting them unsalted, drizzle the nut with oil before putting it into the machine. When you are making the salted type, you need to make a salty brine (mix salt with water). Then, put it into a clean spray and spray on the pistachios just before roasting. For the sweeter version, you can use sugar, cayenne or cinnamon just before roasting. Then you sprinkle the sweetener on the pistachio and roast it.

Does aflatoxin affect pistachios?

Pistachio nuts can get moulds on the surface due to aflatoxin. Aflatoxins are a family of toxins usually found in agricultural products like nuts and maize. These toxins are abundant in humid and warm environments. When pistachios are still good, they are yellow or green. When they get contaminated by aflatoxin, they begin to change to a darker brown colour because of harmful moulds.

Also, you have to take certain precautions as a producer to make safe pistachios. You have to ensure that there is no mechanical damage done during harvesting because they are fragile. If broken during harvest, they can get contaminated. With the right equipment and machine, producers are able to minimize this damage.

Pistachio producers and processors should also ensure that the nuts are not stored for too long. This will make them not turn rancid. The nuts should be stored in a dry place to prevent mould growth.

How to store pistachios properly

You store pistachios in an airtight container and pop them into a refrigerator. This way, you can maintain freshness and quality. There, they can be stored for up to 3 months. If stored at room temperature, they can last up to 2 weeks. When stored in a pantry, they can last up to 3 weeks.

Note that pistachios can be highly flammable if you pack them tightly or store them in large quantities. You should also not store them for too long. The oils in them can self-heat and cause spontaneous combustion. They self heat because of their high fat and low water content.

Processing steps involved in pistachios making

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