Frying line for nuts

Frying is one of the most common preparation methods for nut snacks. Oils bring out distinctive flavors, textures, and aromas, but the absorption percentage in nuts is significantly lower than for other products. For this reason, an efficient system is necessary to achieve an adequate rate of oil turnover in order to maintain the quality of frying oil.

Increase the frying oil turnover rate while reducing the total volume

The NU frying plant by Kuipers requires up to 40% less oil volume than conventional systems. Lower oil volume facilitates faster oil turnover time, ensuring better frying oil quality across the production process.

Equipped with an optimized product transportation system, the frying plant efficiently routes nuts and unwanted particles to an advanced paper filtration unit. Besides preventing oil deterioration caused by any nut residue, this method further contributes to lowering overall oil volume.

The NU frying plant integrates into a complete nut processing line with 500 kilograms per hour output capacity.


  • Efficient frying oil turnover rate
  • Low frying oil volume
  • Advanced paper filtration system
  • Integrates into a mainframe for a clean design
  • Starts at 500kg/h output