Medium scale round can seamer

Automatic seaming of cans of craft bear can be quite the hassle with the movement from the centrifugal effect that traditional rotary machine cause. Product could spill very easily.

Seaming without moving the cans

The ROBOT by JK Somme is a non-revolving can seamer that does not make use of rotary seaming. The fully mechanical round can seamer is used for both wet and dry canning applications, but especially fitting for people wanting to seam cans with liquid in smaller batches, like for example craft beer, but also tuna flakes, condensed milk or sticky sauces. The cans do not move while the seaming operation is in place. They are placed on a straight belt, a lid is placed on and the seaming head closes the lid by pressing down, all without the use of a common rotary clincher. The closed cans then come out at the other side. The use of plain seaming chucks without grooves avoid the loss of lacquer on the seam walls, eliminating any chances for rust to grow.

The can sealer can seal a wide range of round cans and the tooling changeover is fairly quick, allowing to can a small can of energy drink the one week and a larger craft beer the next week. Depending on can shape and size and the product, up to 60 cans per minute can be seamed. The sealer works with rounds cans that have a maximum diameter of 214 mm.


  • Versatility in can size
  • Perfect for smaller batches

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