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In the feed sector, it’s common to talk about feed as balanced, compound, or concentrate. Many people use one of these terms to refer to any feed mill product. However, the processing of feed concentrates, only requires grinding and mixing. The further transformation into pellets adds is an added value for the market.

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Feed concentrates tailor-made formulas to be mixed with roughages or forage

Concentrates are divided into nutrient types such as energy, protein, or feed additives. Hence the importance of mixing them with the available roughages or forage to produce a complete feed. Raising the amount of total balanced and digestible nutrients.

The standardized processing of feed concentrates caters to different livestock breeds and their life stages. But the market prices of concentrates’ ingredients are fluctuant. Thus, you need to vary your formula with accessible and affordable ingredients, maintaining the nutrient content. Also, you need to be able to develop tailor-made formulas for the farms, according to the roughages and forage available there and in the market.

Use a hammer mill to produce mash feed concentrates

From grains to minerals to animal protein, hundreds of raw materials are suitable for preparing the feed. Depending on your formulations, the ingredients are siloed in storage units until they are ready for processing and mixing.

Grind your raw materials with a hammer mill if you are making mash feed concentrates. Combine the ingredients with a feed mixer to obtain a homogeneous formula. In the case you want to add value to your product, you can finish by using a pellet mill.

Formulate feed concentrates according to the nutritional value

Having the equipment and the raw material is not enough to make concentrates. You need to know each ingredient’s nutritional value. Also consider the nutritional needs of the targeted livestock depending on their stage in life. Then at the farm they will get the mix to balance and complement as require.

Processing steps involved in feed-concentrates making

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