Robot palletizing system

If you are a relatively large-scale producer, packing and transporting large quantities of products in the shortest time possible would be your top priority. In this case, a customer-specific palletizing solution which reliable industrial robot manufacturers design is required.

Save time with a high-performance robotic palletizing system

STATEC BINDER’S PRINCIPAL-R is a high-performance robot palletizer. This palletizing system is highly reliable owing to the prowess of the robot manufacturers. The robot palletizing system uses articulated arm robots with four axes and a rotation of up to 360° in the R-axis. It is particularly suitable for palletizing and depalletizing applications due to its fast and repeatable movement, ensuring a high output in the shortest cycle time. The operation and selection of the pallet patterns are carried out simply via a touch screen. The set-up variants range from a single to a double to a multiple line arrangement.

It can carry out about 1400 cycles per hour. It uses different robot models depending on the desired performance, thus making it highly flexible. The gripper can be tailored according to your application. These include finger, container, or vacuum grabs, as well as customer-specific grabs, depending on the type of bag. It is also optimized for sling bags.


  • Low space requirement due to compact design
  • High energy efficiency
  • High flexibility
  • Well structured layer pattern
  • User-friendly interface