Small scale pelleting press

Many industries require reliable pelletizing equipment with smaller scale production capacities. These industries include chemicals, pharmaceuticals, synthetic material manufacture, waste disposal and recycling, minerals, and energy where compaction and uniform output are important but high volume production of a pelletized product is not necessarily the industries’ focus.

Robust smaller scale pelletizers with a proven design from an industry leader

Amandus Kahl produces smaller scale pelletizing presses with proven success for many types of products that often do not require the high volume production of larger presses. This line of presses uses the proven technology of Amandus Kahl’s larger sized presses in a scale more appropriate to the smaller production volumes. The presses use pan grinder rollers to compact the input material and force it through a flat pelletizing die forming continuous strands of compacted product. The strands are then cut to the desired length using rotating knives.

The pan grinder rollers and knives rotate slowly ensuring optimum pellet quality and minimized generation of noise and heat. The grinder roller speed is infinitely adjustable. The grinder roller gap and strand cutter are also adjustable for optimized pellet quality for your particular needs.

The flat die design ensures even distribution of feed material and optimized pressure in a more compact package than traditional ring die type presses. Pellet dies are readily changeable without specialized tools for easy experimentation and process development aiding the customer in developing a process that is optimized for their product. Amandus Kahl variable speed proportioning screw is often used in conjunction with these units to ensure consistent and uniform feeding of raw materials.


  • Well established product line from an industry leader
  • Product specific rollers are available
  • Press casing and die can be heated or cooled depending on the customer’s requirements
  • Die diameters of 390 mm or 500 mm are available
  • 2, 3, or 4 roller configurations available