Open mouth bagging machine

If you are a manufacturer of fertilizers, bulk chemicals, sugar, seeds, or any grains it is likely that you would need to transport a lot of free-flowing bulk products. Maintaining precise weighing and dosing while bagging these products can be a challenge. You would ideally require an efficient and reliable bagging solution which can overcome all of these challenges.

Save time with a fast and easy to maintain bagging solution

STATEC BINDER’S PRINCIPAC is a fully automatic, high-performance bagging solution for open-mouth bags. It can process up to 2000 bags per hour, making it one of the leading bagging solutions.

The open mouth bagging machine can process both pillow and gusset bags with filling weights ranging from 10 kg to 50 kg. It can process bags made of woven polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and paper. The prefabricated bags are separated from the magazine and individually transported to the pickup station with the help of vacuum suction cups. These bags are then opened to maximize their volume by the suctions bar, and are clamped to the filling spout. The product is measured to the specified level and is filled into the bag. Upon finishing the filling process, the bags are placed on the conveyor belt and then transported to the bag sealing machine. The bag is then sown, heat-sealed or hot-glued depending on its material.

It is ideally suited for any type of free-flowing bulk products such as petrochemical bulk materials, chemicals, sugar or rice. It can also have an additional equipment such as a dustproof filling spout for powdery products such as flour.


  • Compact design and high flexibility
  • Easy accessibility and easy to operate
  • Sturdy design and high reliability
  • High capacity saves time