Automatic bag slitter

Unacceptably high dust levels can be generated whilst manual emptying and handling of bags, also products can be dangerous if they come into skin contact or are inhaled. Further issues of product wasting and contamination whilst discharging bags can be difficult to eliminate.

Continuously discharge bags, automatically and dust free

The TBMA ‘Galahad’ automatic bag slitter is suitable for the continuous and dust-free handling of all types of single or multi-layered bags. Any size of paper or plastic bag, whether lightly or densely filled with granular or powdered products, can be cut and emptied without problems. Standard operation will handle approximately 20 tons per hour, however, depending on the properties of the product and the condition of the bags, capacities of up to 50 tons per hour can be obtained.


  • safe, automatic operation
  • empties bag completely
  • adapts to special applications
  • builds into a complete bag handling solution

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