Energy efficient steam dryer for feed products

Traditional drying technologies with low investment cost, such as hot air drying, are high maintenance, energy–intensive, and relatively slow processes.  It may also require additional expensive equipment, like air treatment or firefighting.

Reduce your feed drying time and energy consumption with superheated steam

The ExergyPSSD® uses superheated steam as the drying and conveying medium in a fully closed-loop process that operates under pressure. Treated with superheated steam in a low-pressure environment, the wet product is quickly dried off.

The superheated steam serves as a transport gas and drying media and vaporizes the moisture in the product in only 15 seconds. This essentially means that the moisture is efficiently evaporated using steam.  The dried product and superheated steam are separated in a cyclone and the steam is recirculated and reheated. Some of the excess steam is discharged through a pressure control valve to maintain constant pressure in the dryer, which can be recovered and recycled as an energy, heating, or evaporating source used in other processes for example.

The dryer is indirectly heated which means that it is tailored to be integrated with whatever heat source is available- steam, hot water, thermal oil, engine exhaust, electricity, or flue gas to name a few.

The solution by Swedish Exergy is ideal for drying porous particles that tend to trap moisture and has proven to provide substantial benefits in many industries like biomass- and biofuels, paper pulp, sludge, residues from various food industries, and DDGS.

Besides the short process time and energy efficiency, the ExergyPSSD® occupies a small footprint compared with other traditional drying technologies.


  • Heated with any available heat source
  • Precision dryness and short residence time
  • Large capacities and low maintanence
  • Zero emissions and no odors
  • Flexible and customized design
  • 100% sterilized product

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