Compact palletizer

Choosing an accurate palletizer can be quite an advantageous move. This one is designed for euro, industrial or chemical pallets and is suitable for any pallet material and bag type currently used in all common industries.

Compact palletizer combines robotic and traditional palletizing technologies

The CPL SERIES from PT Chronos is a high-level gripper head palletizer (also called Compact palletizer) which utilizes an ideal combination of robotic and traditional palletizing technologies, optimizing the benefits of both systems. The CPL palletizers feature an innovative automatic gripper technique and are available in two different versions to suit individual performance requirements.

The gripper technique ensures the exact positioning of the bags onto the pallet, particularly the precise positioning of overlapping bags for maximum pallet stability. The CPL SERIES can palletize from 400 up to 2,400 bags per hour (with a multi-pick-up gripper). The optional modules and variable layout configurations facilitate its adaptation to your available space.


  • Palletizing process is easily and quickly adaptable
  • Compact design
  • Exact positioning by the gripper technique
  • Maximum stability

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