Form fill seal bagging machine

If you are in industries such as petrochemicals, fertilizers, animal feed, food, etc, you must have high production rates. External packaging for all of these products can be very expensive. An efficient solution for packaging high production capacity is needed which also maintains high quality.

High production capacity, flexibility, while saving time

STATEC BINDER’S SYSTEM-T is a fully automatic form fill seal bagging machine in which forming, filling and sealing of a package take place on the same machine. It can bag up to 2400 units per hour and combines high-quality packaging from a polyethene (PE) tube with high production capacity.

The form fill seal bagging machine has workstations for forming, filling and sealing the bags, which means that three bags are always being processed simultaneously. This enables a shorter cycle time for each stage of the process. It also ensures that even at high production speeds the bags are always formed, filled and sealed at the precise moment. Its modern yet sturdy configuration lays emphasis on easy accessibility, generous clearances, long maintenance intervals and low maintenance costs.

Due to the high flexibility of the form fill seal bagging machine it can be adapted to different customer requirements. For example, pillow bags and gusset bags can be produced with or without carrying handle and a filling weight between 5 kg and 50 kg. Additional perforation of the bags is also possible.


  • Low maintenance costs
  • Save space with its modern compact design
  • Easy accessibility due to large doors
  • Can be customised for a wide range of industries