Vertical form fill seal machine

There is an increasing demand for a range of different package sizes of the same product. If you are a small-scale producer working with powdery or moderately free-flowing goods, it would be expensive to own and maintain different packaging equipment. You would require a packaging machine which can adapt to industry specific requirements. To adhere to these specific requirements, a flexible and user-friendly packaging solution is needed.

High-performance and high flexibility

STATEC BINDER’S SYSTEM-F is a fully automatic vertical form-fill-seal packaging machine. It has a bagging capacity of about 900 bags an hour. It produces pillow bags and gusset bags with or without carrying handle and a filling weight between 5 kg and 50 kg from the flat film.

The flat film to be used for packaging the product is first inflated with the help of a forming shoulder. This process is easily carried out because the forming shoulder is laced with a low friction coating. The initial seal on the film is made by a constantly heated hot-sealing bar, which performs vertical overlapping sealing. The product to be packaged is weighed according to pre-set requirements and is poured into the film via the filling tube. The hot-sealing bar then seals the filled package on the top, while also forming a lower seal for the next flat film. The packaging system also has a built-in blade which ensures that filled bags are separated from the tube. The entire process is carried out with the shortest possible cycle times with the help of an intensive air cooling system.

The Vertical Form Seal Machine has an adjustable format set which allows different package sizes to be produced. The format or production can be changed by just one person in just a few minutes by a rotating magazine. This rotating magazine is installed directly on the machine and holds several format sets of different sizes ready at all times. Although it is primarily aimed to be used for packaging moderately free flowing products such as chemicals, it is also suitable to be used with products such as animal feed, fertilizer and salt.


  • Simple format set change
  • Compact design requiring less space
  • Easy accessibility
  • Can be adapted to a wide range of requirements