Hygienic open-mouth bottom-up baggers

Here are the open-mouth baggers that are specially designed for hygienic bagging of powdery bulk materials. The series are equipped with gross weighing systems for precise filling results.

Next generation hygienic open-mouth bagging

The OMLH BF SERIES from PT Chronos, is an open-mouth bagging systems that are specially designed for the hygienic bagging of powdery bulk materials such as milk powder / whey powder / lactose powders, baby food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals etc. The patented bottom-up filling technology features high filling accuracies, an open or closed bag-top transport unit, quick and simple cleaning.

After the bag placement, the filling spout moves the bag down the vertical filling screw during the filling cycle. A minimum distance between the filling point of the vertical filling screw and the product in the bag is maintained to significantly minimize the dust emission and reduce the product aeration. The vertical screw is frequency / servo control driven, allowing all powdery products to be filled hygienically, accurately and quickly.


  • Best for hygienic bagging of powdery materials
  • Precise filling results
  • Opportunity to create a bagging system for current and future needs
  • Products are filled hygienically, accurately and quickly