Pelleting press with overhead drive

Production of certain pelletized products requires working with output products of a pasty consistency. These products include pigments, clay, detergent additives, vitamin products, and many other products where problems of adhesion of fresh pellets are often encountered. Processing of these types of products requires a pelletizing press that allows the fresh pellets to be directly deposited on a gently transporter such as a conveyor.

A pelletizing press for depositing pellets directly onto your conveyor

Amandus Kahl produces pelletizing presses with overhead drives that allow pellets to be deposited directly onto a conveyor from above-eliminating the adhesion issues of fresh pellets often encountered with pasty products. This line of presses uses the proven technology of Amandus Kahl’s other pelletizing presses but the drive unit is above the pelletizing die rather than below it allowing gentle direct deposition of the fresh pellets onto a conveyor. The presses use pan grinder rollers to compact the input material and force it through a pelletizing die forming continuous strands of compacted product. The strands are then cut to the desired length using rotating knives.

The pan grinder rollers and knives rotate slowly ensuring optimum pellet quality and minimizing generation of noise and heat. The grinder roller speed is infinitely adjustable. The grinder roller gap and strand cutter are also adjustable for optimized pellet quality for the customer’s particular needs.

Pellet dies are readily changeable without specialized tools for easy experimentation and process development aiding the customer in developing a process that is optimized for their product. A Kahl variable speed proportion screw is often used in conjunction with these units to ensure consistent and uniform feeding of raw materials.


  • Well established product line from an industry leader
  • Product specific rollers are available
  • No mechanical stress on output product
  • Die diameters of 390 mm or 500 mm are available
  • 2 or 3 rollers configuration available