Automatic palletizer machine for bags and boxes

The effective placement and positioning of bags and boxes can be a challenge during the palletizing process. This is important so that the barcodes can be read from the outside. If you need to pack or transport large quantities of product, you need an efficient palletizing solution that can tackle these challenges.

High level and high-performance palletizer

STATEC BINDER’S PRINCIPAL-H is a fast, high-level palletizer capable of stacking up to 2400 bags or cartons per hour. It is configured with an empty pallet magazine and an outfeed system. It has a bag flattener at the beginning which ensures that the bags are in shape for stacking and a full pallet removal station. The system has a pallet magazine with high capacity in order to ensure continuous and uninterrupted operation. The pallets stacked in the magazine are automatically separated and prepared for palletizing. The bags to be stacked are passed through the bag pressing belt to make sure they achieve a uniform shape. These bags can be layered according to the input layer pattern. The palletizer is equipped with an overhead rotating device that helps place the bags in the required position for different layer patterns.

The automatic palletizer machine for bags ensures a clean layer pattern by the synchronous belt drive of the layer pusher, which enables the exact positioning of the bags or boxes, as well the motorised side shifters to achieve a stable desired layer. The layer forming plate places the completed layers on the pallet. The pallet is then pressed against the layer forming plate to improve its stability.


  • Save time due to high speed
  • Sturdy construction allowing long lifetime
  • High energy efficiency
  • Well structured layer pattern