Big bag solutions

Management of big bags requires specialist handling and selection of cost-effective configurations for filling and weighing. Considerations also need to be made to for different bag contents; powder, granules, pellets or flakes.

Handle big bags of any product type quickly, easily and economically

Paglierani produces big bag filling machines and stations for weighing and bagging large dimension bags more easily and effectively. Designed for big bags and FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), they guarantee excellent performance, optimising production rates whilst minimising investment costs.

The BB simple series for weighing and bagging can be integrated into the BB equipped series which is complete with empty pallet dispensers and rollers that accumulate full pallets.


  • Fast, ergonomic management of big bags and FIBCs
  • Can handle all types of product
  • Accurate weighing in all situations
  • Fully integrated safety and control systems
  • Compliant with international safety regulations