Belt dryer/cooler for pellets and granules

Many industries that process materials in pellet, powder, or crumble form need a closely controlled drying and/or cooling process to ensure product quality. This line of cooling/drying conveyors provides this function in a highly flexible, modular design configurable to any industry.

A completely modular line of drying and cooling conveyors

Amandus Kahl’s line of cooling /drying conveyors is configurable to meet the cooling and drying needs of any industry that deals with pelletized or granular dry bulk material. Process air is drawn through a layer of the customer’s bulk product as it travels along a conveyor. The conveyor bed is either composed of slotted plates attached to driven chains, or a full fabric belt depending on the characteristics of the product being cooled or dried. The belt speed is adjustable and used along with configuration of the overall belt length to precisely determine the product retention time. For enhanced drying, process air can be heated to 200 C, but drying can also be achieved using only air at ambient temperature. Cooling is also controlled and enhanced by the characteristics of the process air and overall product retention time. The modular design of the line allows the use of several layers of belts to be stacked on top of one another and a wide variety of belt widths and lengths are available. Airflow through the array of belts can also be uniquely configured to accommodate a wide variety of process needs.


  • Available process surface from 2 M sq. to 350 M sq.
  • Belt layer heights from 30 mm to 300 mm
  • Designed to easily allow retro fit of belt extensions and additional layers
  • Slotted plate belts available in widths 1150 mm to 2870 mm
  • vFabric belts available in 4000mm and 6000 mm widths