Hygienic pelleting press

The production of pelletized or granularized food products requires hygienic presses designed for high quality output and robust efficient operation.

Robust food pelletizers with a proven design from an industry leader

Amandus Kahl produces pelletizing presses with proven success for many types of food products including those with powdery or lumpy input products.  The presses use pan grinder rollers to compact the input material and force it through a flat pelletizing die forming continuous strands of compacted product. The strands are then cut to the desired length using rotating knives.

The pan grinder rollers and knives rotate slowly ensuring optimum pellet quality and minimized generation of noise and heat. Temperature is monitored and the grinder roller speed is infinitely adjustable. The grinder roller gap and strand cutter are also adjustable for optimized pellet quality for the customer’s particular needs. The flat die design ensures even distribution of feed material and optimized pressure in a more compact package than traditional ring die type presses.

The hygienic presses are also designed for easy cleaning and meet GMP guidelines for food processing equipment. Pellet dies are readily changeable without specialized tools for easy experimentation and process development aiding the customers in developing a process that is optimized for their product.


  • Well established product line from an industry leader
  • Presses for a wide variety of food products
  • Designed for flexibility and economic operation
  • Pellet length is actively cut rather than broken for consistent size and minimal generation of fines
  • High quality pellets are produced resulting in consistent and high quality end product

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