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Chewable tablets are suitable for patients who have difficulty swallowing. Chewable tablet formulation masks the natural flavors of pharma drugs and alters their aftertaste. But besides the taste, chewable tablets favor the bioavailability of pharmaceutical ingredients.

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Apply chewable tablets to antacid drugs

Antacids release cations that neutralize excess stomach acids and are made with a range of magnesium ingredients such as magnesium carbonate, magnesium trisilicate, and magnesium hydroxide.

Formulating antacid remedies into chewable tablets speeds up the dissolution rate. Sweeteners such as sucrose is a necessary expedient, adding sweetness and acting as a plasticizer to make the tables chewable.

Keep the hardness value to within 12 kilogram-force

The US Food and Drugs Administration recommends a low hardness threshold in the formulation of the final product. A kilogram-force value above 12 is admitted only with explicit authorization.

The chewing difficulty index is measured by force required to crush the tablet. The hardness value of chewable tablets is determined by loading the product until the breaking point. Measure the diametrical tensile strength for round tablets and flexural tensile strength for elongated ones.

Add alternative diluents to offset dryness effect of mannitol

Odorless and white, mannitol is a suitable diluent in chewable tablet blends with most ingredients. While it adds mouthfeel, mannitol also causes dryness in the mouth.

Diluent concentrations can be balanced with polyols like sorbitol that let off a cooling sensation besides a sweet taste. Mannitol registers 50% lower than sucrose on the sweetness index.

Processing steps involved in chewable-tablets making

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