High Speed Visual Inspection System for Tablets

In order to ensure quality and standard specifications of tablets, capsules and soft gels, pharmaceutical companies inspect their products with accuracy before packaging. Since manual inspection requires more effort and labour costs, automatic methods have become essential to serve this purpose. When it comes to a high production rate and a high quality, standard automatic visual inspection has become a necessity, for sorting and inspection of such small size products.

Automatic Inspection and Sorting of Capsules, Tablets and Soft Gels

Spine by Sensum is designed to ensure accurate and automatic visual inspection and sorting of tablets, capsules and soft gels at the speed up to 630,000 products per hour. Products in a size range of 4 to 28 mm are fed via a funnel and held in reproducible position automatically by means of vacuum and two continuously rotating cylindrical rollers. Surface inspection is performed via six colour cameras mounted at different angles to ensure inspection of all surfaces of each product on rollers. Then defected products are individually sorted at the bottom of these rollers with very delicate use of compressed air. This machine is controlled by a graphical user interface to monitor and verify both good and defective products safely and accurately. It can identify a large number of defects like sizes, colour deviations, cracks, dots, dirt, dents, bubbles, variations in prints or edges by comparing actual product with expected specifications. This equipment can inspect pharmaceutical products like plain, coated and multi-layer tablets, opaque, bi-colour and transparent capsules and a large variety of soft gels.


  • 100% inspection system for tablets, capsules and soft gels with 3D imaging technology
  • Wide range of product sizes from 4 mm to 28 mm can be operated
  • Samples with defects are not required to train the system as it is already programmed to detect wide range of defects
  • Simple sensitivity settings for each product