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Kaolin, also called china clay, is made from natural rock composed of aluminosilicate clay or kaolinite. Kaolin has wide applications in different industries. Moreover, their classification depends on their industrial use, which includes film formation, fiber extension, polymer extension and chemical composition. Choose a kaolin processing machine to help you make kaolin for beauty products, paper filler, coating, ceramics and even medicine.

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Removing impurities with the help of a kaolin processing machine

Extracted kaolin has many impurities. It’s essential to purify the resulting clay slurry through bleaching before grinding it to improve the particle size to a fine soft texture. To achieve this separation, use the flotation technique. It removes the colored impurities and gives you the white kaolin by calcination. Note, also, that fine particle size is a problem in flotation. This is why it is advisable to use methods of flotation based on the range of fine particles and industry. It is important to remove excess water by drying to have control of the product’s end moisture. You can use a fluid bed dryer to achieve this.

A valued mineral: kaolin application in different industries

Kaolin has unique chemical and physical properties which makes it a valued natural mineral in the manufacturing industry. The paper industry mixes kaolin with cellulose fiber for filling, and mixes it with water and adhesives for coating. This is to increase printability. Health benefits of kaolin make it a sought after mineral in the medical and pharma industry.

It can treat diarrhea, mouth sore, ulcers, and also helps in tablets production. Controlling the level of viscosity is a problem in the adhesive industry, but including kaolin during production with an enclosed mixing system for adhesives can help you with that. Kaolin processing equipment helps grind kaolin to a suitable particle size. This controls low and high shear viscosities of adhesives.

Wide range of applications requires different processing methods

Kaolin products are widely used in cosmetology because of their fine size particles, which makes them safe and smooth on skin. For this reason,  they can compose exfoliant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial products. The absorbent nature of kaolin makes it a good oil control product.

Kaolin helps to detoxify the scalp and prevents yeast growth. Kaolin clay can also be a deodorant alternative because of its ability to neutralise body odor. For a clearer plague-free dentition, kaolin can also be included in tooth powder. The method of processing depends on the industry. For example, the paper industry uses the wet process while ceramic manufacturers use the dry-processed kaolin. Mechanical methods using kaolin processing machine for crushing and screening don’t alter their chemical properties.

How to decrease kaolin’s environmental impact

Kaolin has little or no adverse effect on human health. Yet, the open pit mining of kaolin clay creates environmental disturbance and water erosion. To reduce erosion, there are regulatory laws that require levelling the mined area. This involves planting of trees and dust control while operating a kaolin making machine. By doing that, studies have shown that kaolin is environmentally safe. Producer’s main concern should be the mining process, which may lead to release of toxic chemicals into underground water. However, operating companies have found safer ways, such as creating a number of independent pits for mining activities.

Processing steps involved in kaolin making

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