Horizontal rotary ball mill drum

A horizontal rotary ball mill drum can be used for grinding of dry hard materials, such as hard minerals for the ceramic, glass or porcelain industry and processing of soft minerals with abrasive properties.

Dry ultrafine grinding of mineral powders and ceramic raw materials

The Super Orion ball mills from Hosokawa Alpine are employed for the dry ultrafine grinding of mineral powders and ceramic raw materials. The ball mill is designed for the dry comminution of hard materials, especially for the ultrafine range < 10 µm in circuit with an ALPINE ultrafine classifier.

Ball mills are giant drums that are filled with between 30 and 40% of their volume with freely moving grinding media, in this case balls. The diameter of the balls is between one and several centimeters to suit the application – smaller balls for fine milling results and larger ones for coarser milling tasks.



  • Ultrafine milling of minerals, working in conjunction with ATP classifier
  • Drive via ring-and-pinion gear with automatically controlled tooth lubrication, back gearing with couplings and high-performance gear unit
  • Bearing unit: journal bearing designed as friction bearing with permanent oil-recirculation lubrication and temperature control
  • Product discharge via adjustable slots located around the periphery of the drum
  • Two-part discharge housing