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Food powder is the result of drying and pulverizing food. It has been around since the astronauts when out to space. Fruits have a short shelf life and are difficult to preserve due to their high water content.  Fruit powder processing allows you to keep the nutrients of the fruits for a longer time, even off-season.

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Different drying-powdering processes for juice and whole fruits

You can choose other fruit powder processing methods. The most common is spray-dried, where concentrated fruit juice passes through a nozzle into a heated chamber. Spray-dried fruit powder loses vitamins and mineral density but preserves fibers and nutrients.

Fruit powder preserves more the nutrients and characteristics from fruits that are not submitted to high temperatures.  You can choose a vacuum drier, a low-temperature vacuum environment that evaporates the water. Or choose a freeze-drier where fruits will be frozen in a sealed chamber. Both produce high-quality results.

If you have whole fruits, you clean them and cut them. Then you dehydrate them and finish by grinding or crushing the dried material into powder.

Rise of natural ingredients demand

Fruit powder is a natural ingredient that improves color taste and adds nutritional value. Using fruit powder is critical in the rising demand for natural products. It can be used in beverages, infant food, spices, bakery, cereals, snacks, sauces, and desserts. But also in medicine, dietary supplements, and even cosmetics. Fruit powders are able to be added to many recipes in many industries due to the fact that they can be easily blended into an array products.

The cosmetic industry uses minerals and vitamins from fruit powder processing in skin and hair care products. These ingredients also give color, smell, and texture in the formulations of masques, cleansers, and more.

No more wasted fruits and food

More than a third of the food we produce is wasted, mainly because they are ugly or don’t have a standard size. You can use dehydrated fruits and food to be destroyed to transform them into powder.

Fruit and food powders can be distributed in zones where access to food and refrigeration are difficult. Also, send to places affected by natural disasters. Fruit powders can be used in every home, where they can last all year-round on the shelves using less space.

Processing steps involved in fruit-powders making

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