Concentrator for fruit puree preparation

Fruit puree is often an ingredient of various fruit-flavored yogurts, which sometimes, come with bigger fruit pieces. To ensure these pieces are not destroyed in the fruit puree production process, the concentration stage needs to be handled very gently. In addition, in order not to heavily alter the physical and organoleptic properties of the fruit, a shorter cooking process time is needed.

Evenly heated fruit products for jams using a horizontal rotating coil

The Rotating Coil Concentrator from Ghizzoni is a fruit concentrating unit that features a patented rotating coil that distributes heat evenly enabling a shorter cooking time. The coil is heated by a continuous flow of steam and slowly rotates at around 10 cycles per minute; this makes sure that the product is mixed slowly and gently. Rotating Coil Concentrator design helps preserve the texture and natural taste of the fruits in preparation for fruit-based yogurt, puree, jam or marmalade production.


  • Uniform heat distribution of products
  • Shorter cooking time
  • Effective retention of natural taste and texture of the fruits
  • The concentrator can be also aseptic
  • Agitation can be vertical or horizontal