Batch cooker for fruit puree

The fruit pulp is used in many different bakery products, especially as a filling. Since fruit pulp is a half-processed product, when delivering it, you need to make sure that its organoleptic features are intact and that there are no hidden burnt pieces.

Steam cooking through double wall heating with agitator and scraper

The Cooking Boule, from Ghizzoni, is a steam-heated cooking system that can also mix and scrape the inside wall of the bowl to minimize waste and avoid burning of the product. The ingredient dosage can be done manually through wheeled tanks or automatically. After the product is cooked, it can be discharged through a central drain valve opening or by simply tipping the bowl. Models of different capacities are available from 30 liters to 2,000 liters. The system also has a safety feature that stops the machine automatically when the lid is lifted.


  • Available in different capacities (30 liters to 2,000 liters)
  • Less waste
  • Machine stops automatically when the lid is lifted up
  • Equipped with scrapers to prevent the product from burning on the bottom