Fast gravimetric powder microdosing 50 – 200 g

Micro-dosing powders of high-value food or chemical products can be challenging when high precision and zero error is required. You need a highly accurate and efficient dosing solution of relatively large quantities of micro-ingredients which can meet the the relevant ISO standards.

Save time with optimal dosing accuracy

Alba’s Dosing system DUPLEX is a gravimetric microdosing system which enables the fast dosing of small amounts of powders. It has unparalleled precision with 99.8% accuracy making it ideal to for implementing a good quality system. Its modular design also allows for a great amount of flexibility when it comes to specific process requirements.

Fast gravimetric powder microdosing 50 – 200 g is configured with a duplex or two-tier dosing technology. It requires a dosing time only between 8-12 seconds which is dependent on the characteristics of the material. This allows fast and accurate dosing of relatively large quantities from 50 – 200g of material. It is also equipped with a check-weighing function for the ejection of overweight dosages. This makes it particularly suitable for filling applications with zero tolerance to non-conforming end products.


  • Highly accurate
  • Check weighing function for the ejection of overweight dosages
  • Optional protection for explosive environments: II 2 D / -  III C T 125°C

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