Flexible pasteurizer for packaged food

Autoclaves for sterilising and cooking food products are a mainstay of many production facilities. Traditionally they offer a single type of operation and are linked to the production of a single product. For multi-line production, this can mean equipment standing idle when it is not suitable to be used with the current product batch. A multi-process autoclave retort system can perform a range of sterilization processes, meaning ultimate flexibility and return on investment in a multi-product environment.

Fully customizable retort allows the production of a wide range of products and packaging types

The Multiprocess Rotomat MRX from DFT Technology offers the ultimate solution in flexibility to handle all your autoclave needs across a wide range of product and packaging types.

One unit offers the options of full immersion or semi-immersion sterilization, steam and spray, static or rotating. Full user control is offered to allow complete customisation of production, packaging, energy consumption, water consumption and time.

Control is via Siemens touch screen HMI, allowing instant monitoring of all parameters, as well as programming of cycles. High power circulation equipped with flow-meter control ensures optimum heating and cooling performance, as well as minimising use of water and steam.

For comfortable loading and unloading, a shuttle system is optionally included, allowing the handling of a variety of product cages. The flexibility means that a single unit can process a batch of canned product, followed by flexible pouches, followed by flat plastic containers, and more.


  • Ultimate flexibility to handle any product and any packaging type
  • Fully customizable programs for time, temperature, steam and water use
  • Optional shuttle system for easy loading and unloading
  • Heat exchanger system for quick start times and efficient operation

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