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The essence of the oceans plays a role in sustainable food production and is an often overlooked superfood. Compared to traditional crops, algae requires minimal land and resources. Processed into food powders like spirulina or chlorella or into seaweed snacks, algae is considered to be one of the foods of the future. It provides you with vitamins, minerals, and proteins and assists the world in food security concerns. It is a popular ingredient in the supplement and cosmetics industry too.

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Vacuum belt dryer for fruit, vegetable and herbal extracts

Vacuum belt dryer for fruit, vegetable and herbal extracts

Organic volatile compounds from fruits, vegetables and herbs a…

Extraction plant for natural ingredients

Extraction plant for natural ingredients

Bespoke extraction plants using the latest technology can improve your efficiency a…

Grinder for spices and coffee

Grinder for spices and coffee

Gentle grinding of coffee down to all grades from coarse to fine requires high precision proces…

Hygienic belt dryer

Hygienic belt dryer

A belt dryer typically applies the product through an infeed chamber onto a perforated horizontal belt, wh…

Miniature scale high-shear mixer

Miniature scale high-shear mixer

When you have a very limited amount of powder available, you can still test your processes w…

Table roller mill

Table roller mill

Table roller mills are robust and time-proven mills for soft to medium-hard mineral raw materials and indust…

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Infuse or encapsulate algae into dietary supplements or skincare formulations

Selecting the optimal method for integrating algae into industrial processes is paramount. You can opt for infusing algae extracts into product formulations during manufacturing. This process entails thorough blending of algae extracts with other ingredients to ensure homogeneous distribution throughout the product matrix. Subsequently, you must process the mixture further according to the specific requirements of the end product, whether it’s a face cream or a nutraceutical.

Alternatively, you can choose to encapsulate of algae extracts within product matrices. Through precise injection or deposition techniques, you can strategically embed algae-derived compounds within the product, enhancing functionality and value. This encapsulation method not only preserves the integrity of algae-derived elements but also facilitates controlled release, optimizing their efficacy in functional foods, supplements or cosmetics.

Dry your algae to make snacks or powders

You can also produce food from algae, the most evident examples are nori, wakame, seaweed snacks and spirulina. The first important step is washing your algae, to ensure there are no impurities in your produce. Drying is a critical step in algae processing to remove moisture and enhance shelf stability. You can air dry, spray dry, freeze dry, or drum dry your algae, depending on the desired product characteristics and processing capabilities. For making spirulina or chlorella powders, opt for spray drying. For nori and seaweed snacks, air drying is the best solution.

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Process your algae further

After drying, your algae must undergo further processing to refine its texture and particle size for snacks. You can mill or grind it into finer particles when you are making bars or powders. Or extrude it into shapes like crisps or puffs for enhanced palatability. There is more, you can even granulate it for improved handling in mixes or baked goods, algae’s applications and processes are endless.

Flavor development is an important aspect of algae snack production, where you can test different seasoning blends. Most well-known combinations are sweet chili, wasabi, garlic, or BBQ. For that you’ll need precision dosing equipment and mixing technologies to ensure uniform distribution of flavorings and seasonings across the product.

Pack your snacks safely to preserve the delicate texture

Packaging plays a crucial role in preserving the freshness, flavor, and quality of algae snacks during storage and transportation. You might need automated filling machines, sealers, and labeling systems that are capable of handling high volumes and maintaining product integrity. Your packaging materials should be selected based on barrier properties and moisture resistance. You should also take sustainability considerations into account to make sure that the packages don’t end up in sea to pollute your future produce!

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