Entry-level automated online sampling system

An accurate and sterile sampling of cultures is vital throughout the biopharmaceutical development process. For constant, accurate monitoring, a reliable automated system is needed that transfers bioprocess samples directly from bioreactors to a range of analytical devices without intervention while maintaining the highest levels of sterility. For small-scale development, the availability of a more cost-effective entry-level system brings large economic advantages.

Affordable automated bioreactor sampling

The Seg-Flow 1200 Automated Bioreactor Sampling System from Flownamics is an economical alternative to the larger Seg-Flow 4800. It is available in two models, the Seg-Flow 1200 and the Seg-Flow 1200 Plus.

Segmented flow technology allows rapid and accurate low volume samples to be taken from reactor vessels containing aerobic or anaerobic bacterial cultures and yeast, fungi, algae, insect, animal, and mammalian cell cultures. Samples can be either cell-containing or cell-free.

By incorporating a disposable, single-use flow path, the Seg-Flow 1200 is easy to use and requires little maintenance and no specialist operator training.

Samples can be collected from up to 2 reactors and delivered to 2 analyzers or collectors. Built-in expansion capability means this can be extended to 4 reactors with the Sample Module.

Integrated control functions such as an automated feed from an at-line glucose measurement can be quickly and easily implemented.

The Seg-Flow 1200 can be used with small laboratory vessels right up to large full-scale production vessels with 12, 19, and 25 mm models.

The unique Flownamics FISP filter probe used in the Seg-Flow 1200 ensures a sterile, cell-free sample can be taken from any vessel.



  • Affordable, entry level solution which requires minimum maintenance and no specialist operator training
  • Can be autoclaved or sterilised in-place for maximum flexibility
  • Segmented flow technology provides accurate sampling, either cell-free or cell containing
  • Risk-free sampling due to the elimination of bypass filters