Automatic sampling system for bioprocess monitoring

An accurate, automated sampling of cultures is a key requirement in the development of biopharmaceuticals. For automated sampling across a larger number of bioreactors, a robust and reliable automated system is needed to accurately transfer bioprocess samples directly to a range of analytical devices while maintaining the highest levels of sterility. For medium-scale operations, a cost-effective and efficient system is required to improve process performance.

Automated multiple bioreactor sampling

The Flownamics Seg-Flow 4800 is a fully automated online sampling solution for up to 8 bioreactor vessels. Using unique FISP cell-free sampling probes, the Seg-Flow can deliver accurate samples to up to 4 analyzers.

Segmented flow technology allows rapid and accurate low volume samples to be taken from reactor vessels containing aerobic or anaerobic bacterial cultures and yeast, fungi, algae, insect, animal, and mammalian cell cultures. Samples can be either cell-containing or cell-free.

Rapid and accurate sampling is available for user-defined sample sizes from as little as 250 to 15 ml.

The internal Flow-Web web server logs data and information for each vessel or stream independently and allows viewing and control from any PC or mobile device.

The Seg-Flow features a single-use fluid path from the vessel to the analyzer to reduce operating and maintenance costs. The sample line is automatically cleaned or sterilized after each sample. The user-friendly operating system means minimal training is required, and setup is straightforward.

The Sefg-Flow’s highly flexible operating software can be tailored to your specific applications. It allows data to be saved in spreadsheet format or automatically exported to other software. System status and reporting can be quickly checked from any device with a browser and internet access.


  • Highly flexible automated sampler can be tailored to your exact requirements
  • Sample from up to 8 bioreactors, and send to up to 4 analyzers with one unit
  • Internal web server allows remote monitoring and control from any connected device
  • Minimal maintenance and easy setup reduces training requirements
  • Segmented flow technology provides accurate sampling, either cell-free or cell containing

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