Waste to energy anaerobic digestion system

The food industry produces tremendous amounts of waste at food production facilities, distribution centers, grocery stores, restaurants, and homes. About 40-50% of all food never gets eaten due to damage during transit, lack of sale, consumer wastage. There is a need for an organic waste-to-energy solution to separate and beneficially transform this into a renewable energy feedstock, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

A complete and optimized Waste-to-Energy Anaerobic Solution

The Global Water & Energy’s Raptor system is a waste-to-energy process using micro-organisms to break down biodegradable material in waste, such as unused feedstock or stubble to digest it. It transforms almost any organic residue into biogas using a robust, liquid-state anaerobic digestion process. It uses an enhanced pre-treatment method followed by multi-stage biological fermentation. These advanced conversion efficiency measures include enzymatic, chemical, thermal, biological, and mechanical techniques.

The cycle concludes with harvesting the unconsumed digest residue for soil improvement, refining the biogas, and using it to generate heat or electricity. The Global Water & Energy’s Raptor system processes food waste, agro-industry / industrial residues, and energy crops grown for the purpose, such as corn silage, various grasses, and algae. Moreover, the undigested by-product may be used as compost or agricultural fertilizer as part of the recycling solution.



  • Converts biodegradable material into energy
  • This energy makes your business more sustainable
  • Your bio-waste becomes profitable biogas that you can sell
  • The digestate residue is a compost or agricultural fertiliser